Sun Canyon Ranch is located in the "Four Corners" area of Southwest Colorado.

We have trailhead access to:

  • Dolores River Canyon Rim,
  • hundreds of miles of BLM and Forest service wilderness area, and
  • our own beautiful little on property canyon.

Nearby access to:

    • Anasazi Heritage Center (40 minutes),
    • Canyon of the Ancients (15 minutes),
    • Crow Canyon Archaeological Center (40 minutes),
    • Escalante Ruins (40 minutes),
    • Hovenweep (20) minutes,
    • Lowry Ruins (20 minutes),
    • McPhee Lake (40 minutes),
    • Mesa Verde (50 minutes),
    • Summit and Bishop's Canyon (route Escalante is reported to have traveled when he reached the Dolores River Canyon - 20 minutes)

Driveable access to:

      • Arches National Park (Utah) (90 minutes),
      • Canyon deChelly National Monument (Arizona) (2 hours),
      • Canyonlands National Park (Utah) (90 minutes),
      • Chaco Canyon National Historical Park (New Mexico) (3 hours)
      • Colorado River and Castle Valley (Utah) (90 minutes)
      • Durango, Colorado (90) minutes,
      • Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (Utah) (3 hours),
      • Moab, Utah (90 minutes),
      • Monument Valley (90 minutes - where all those great western movies were filmed),
      • Natural Bridges National Monument (90 minutes),
      • Telluride & Mountain Village (90 minutes)

You can bring your horses.

You can ride as long as you like.

You can leave your horses with us in horse heaven while you explore the Southwest.

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